ALPHA 2 Pro Wave

The ALPHA 2 Pro Series Wave® is the industry’s only cabinet with a 40-inch curved LCD touchscreen monitor, delivering optimal viewing and increased player interaction. The Wave comes complete with the award-winning iDECK™ and an optional 22-inch Digital Topper. Bally’s entire catalog of video-slot games for the Pro Series V22/22 and V32 can be played on the Pro Wave, along with a selection of Wave-specific game content.

Universal Slant Machine

Benefits and Features
  • Machine features designed to pique player interest Brighter 22” 16:10 MLD® display or 23” 16:9 LCD display
  • 3, 4 or 5 mechanical reels now available in a slant
  • 14 edge-lit dynamic buttons
  • AVP® 3.0M electronics
  • Full-featured sound system
The prodiGi Vu™ cabinet comes fully equipped with features that greatly enhance the player's experience. Our player-tested design includes optimal screen heights and button panel locations, a wrist rest and increased leg room, all with a design that offers value-driven innovation.

IGT   E20

Benefits and Features
  • Powerful and flexible AVP® technology
  • May be configured for dynamic buttons, in markets where applicable
  • Interior is designed for easy servicing and superior security
  • Comes with IGT’s legendary service and support, dependability, and reliability

TwinStar Slant

The TwinStar™ Slant is a beautiful addition to the TwinStar™ family of cabinets.

Offering a slant top companion to the upright configuration, the TwinStar Slant features 27-inch displays for a stunning game presentation, along with game-controlled surround lights that enhance the gaming experience. 

The TwinStar Slant is compatible with all dual-screen TwinStar games, and comes equipped with improved graphics, processing power, a USB charger, and the award-winning iDeck™.

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